5 Tips to improve your ecommerce performance

A successful ecommerce is one that not only has an attractive and functional appearance, but also offers an easy and intuitive shopping experience for its customers. In this article, we tell you five tips to improve the performance of your ecommerce and consequently sales.

1. Optimize the navigation flow

The navigation flow is key to achieve a satisfactory user experience. It is important that the structure of the website allows users to easily and intuitively find the actions that lead to a purchase. To optimize navigation, make sure that the home, store and product pages are clear and concise, with easy-to-use categories and search tags. It is also important to ensure that products are organized in a clear and hierarchical manner.

2. Simplify payment processes

The payment process should be as simple as possible for customers. Make sure that the payment process is intuitive and easy to use. It is very important to simplify the steps and ask the customer for only the right information needed to complete the orders. You can also use Guest checkouts as an alternative to simplify the checkout flow on your website.

3. Add product reviews

Your ecommerce must transmit confidence especially to users who do not know you yet. That is why uploading reviews and comments from your customers can help a new customer transform their doubts into a new order. In addition, reviews are also a good way to collect feedback about your products and services.

4. Use promotions and discounts

Attract new customers with offers and discounts. You can incentivize a new user’s first purchase with 10% discounts when subscribing to a newsletter. It is also very important to reward users who make recurring purchases with promotions or exclusive offers. This way you generate loyalty on your website.

5. Optimize SEO and speed of your site

Improve your online visibility by following these SEO Guidelines so that new users and potential customers find you in their online searches.

It is also key to keep your website updated, rotate your products constantly and keep the user informed of the latest news with email marketing campaigns.

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